At Orravan Mechanical, Inc. nothing is more important than the satisfaction of our clients. That means we take our time to fully understand your HVAC needs and specifications. We have the expertise to analyze, budget, and competitively price virtually any HVAC project of any scope and size. Our team generates on-the-mark estimates on predesigned drawings supplied by the client. We work on your side to keep your project in compliance with the plans within budget. Every commercial business owner knows the importance of keeping tenants comfortable while maximizing HVAC system efficiency and keeping costs down, Orravan Mechanical, Inc. does just that. We understand that each commercial building is different and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all HVAC solution.

If you are a commercial building owner interested in upgrading your existing HVAC System; installing a new, energy efficient system; or signing up for a custom maintenance contract , call us today. Our commitment to lightning fast service and quality workmanship is guaranteed to minimize downtime at your facility, eliminating any inconvenience to your tenants.

Orravan Mechanical, Inc. works closely with facility managers, consulting engineers and mechanical contractors in Southern California to provide high technology solutions and services in the field of Building Automation and Energy Management Systems. We live in the information age and integration is necessary to incorporate all your building automation systems. Orravan Mechanical, Inc. realizes the increasing need to encompass HVAC, lighting, fire life safety, security as well as other third party systems. BACnet provides the medium to integrate all your building automation systems while freeing you from the high cost of proprietary systems. We design, engineer, install and service a wide variety of equipment and systems. Our objective is to work with you to create and maintain systems custom tailored to meet your unique needs.